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Feature   December 1, 2008   by Auto Service World

Transmission Service

Dealers captured 52% of this service activity, which is down two percentage points from last year. Independents follow at 22% (up from 19% last year).

B. C. is driving the change in overall share for these two facilities, with a 9% drop in share for Dealers, and a 7% increase for Independents. Auto specialists remain steady nationally but gain 7% in B. C. and 5% in the Atlantic region; this offsets a decline of 4% in Alberta and 2% in Quebec.

Dealers, who previously led with a 32% share among eight-to 12-year-old vehicles, now sit in second place behind Independents, who increased their share to 36%. Auto specialists show a strong improvement in share as vehicles age, going from 0% (two-to three-year-old segment) to 15% (eight-to 12-year-old segment).

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