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News   February 18, 2011   by Auto Service World

Transit Becomes Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Prototal Drill Bits

Transit Warehouse has announced that it has become the exclusive distributor of Prototal’s high-performance drill bits for all Canada.
According to Pierre Aubin, general manager of Transit Warehouse, the agreement was easily reached, “When we put Prototal drill bits to the test against the competitors’ products, the winner is the same every time. And that winner is what we are about to distribute across Canada. Our exclusive partnership with Prototal is a reflection of what we are looking for: solid expertise, products that stand out on the market for our unparalleled distribution throughout the country.”
Prototal choosing Transit just came as easily.
“Transit’s reputation and track record when it comes to customer and after-sales services are flawless. They are already present from coast to coast. They have great staff both in the field and internally; we could not hope for better teammates to trust with our products,” said Gino Charest, vice president of Prototal.
Prototal’s product line also includes drills, extractors, taps, graduated drills, spotweld drills and more. The products are made of a special alloy making them both durable and flexible. With their advanced 135 degree tips and self-centering properties, they can drill hard alloy without any pre-drilling or machining.
Prototal has among its clients, who applauded the performance of its products, professional educational institutions in Quebec offering the body program. Indeed, new alloys enriched with boron nitrate make the bodies impenetrable by drills of ordinary quality.
“The Prototal drills pierce without resistance hard materials up to 58 on the Rockwell scale. In the case of the bodies, they can drill without altering the alloy: it is the same for metals that companies often have to have machined. It saves time, money and unnecessary handling,” says Charest.
Interested parties are invited to view the video demonstration of the product on the Transit website These videos are also made available to authorized dealers in a multimedia display.
Prototal is a division of Total Manufacturing Inc. based in St-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Que.
Total Manufacturing produces and distributes various industrial and commercial products including environmentally friendly cleaning products and high-performance Prototal drills.

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Transit Warehouse Auto Parts Distribution Inc. celebrates its 40th birthday in 2011 and is the largest distribution center for wholesale auto parts in Eastern Quebec. Transit serves throughout Canada a customer base of wholesalers, retailers and auto parts stores. The company offers a wide selection of parts and accessories for cars, light trucks and trailers and possesses its own trademark: “

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