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News   November 26, 2002   by Auto Service World

Top Kyoto Minister Admits He Has Two SUVs

Canada’s natural resources minister Herb Dhaliwal confessed that he has two Volvos and two sport utility vehicles — General Motors 4x4s, according to the Reuters news agency. Minister Dhaliwal divides the vehicles with one pair for Ottawa and one pair for his home in Vancouver.
He was one of two cabinet members unveiling Canada’s plans to implement the Kyoto climate change accord to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, which included calls to citizens to buy smaller fuel-efficient vehicles.
“David and I don’t always agree on the SUV issue,” he chuckled, gesturing to Environment Minister David Anderson, who had just blasted urban driving of the gas-guzzling SUVs.
When Anderson’s not being driven in a government car, he drives a Toyota Corolla. “The K car died,” he said.
Dhaliwal said there were many ways to make energy savings. For example, he referred to solar panels on his roof.

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