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Feature   March 1, 2003   by Auto Service World

Tools & Equipment (March 01, 2003)

Consumer OBD II Code Reader

The Actron OBD II AutoScanner allows consumers to easily retrieve, read, and erase generic diagnostic trouble codes on any OBD II compliant passenger vehicle, a vital step in pinpointing problems.

Actron Mfg. Co.

Gravity Spray Gun Better than HVLP

The new DeVilbiss PLUS Gravity Spray Gun is proven to achieve transfer efficiency equivalent to or better than high volume low pressure equipment, with superior atomization, productivity, and efficiency.


Box Wrench for Tight Spaces

Spec Tools’ new professional Twin-Action Box wrench with its low half-inch profile uses a patented reversible mechanism to turn 45 degrees with each squeeze of the handle, for use in incredibly tight spots.

Spec Tools

Lightweight Torque Wrench

Weighing less than four pounds and made of lightweight, ultra-strong titanium, Ingersoll-Rand’s new IR2135Ti 1/2″ Ultra-duty Compact Wrench delivers 700 ft/lbs. of traditional torque output.


Scanner Enhancing Software

Scan Gra-Fix Plus software gives owners of Snap-on’s scanners in all versions an economical answer to printing code reports, as well as the ability to graph all serial data that the scanner can transmit.

Mackenzco Ltd.

Leak Detection for Pressurized AC Systems

Tracer Products new Tracerline Leakfinder BigEZ multidose dye injector kit makes it faster and easier to add fluorescent dye into pressurized air conditioning systems, for pinpointing even tiny leaks

Tracer Products

Leak Repair System

Thermofluid’s easy-to-use new Red Tek ProSeal treatment for R12, R134a, R22 and R502 systems quickly seals even hard-to-find leaks in air conditioning and refrigerant systems, in one application.

Thermofluid Inc.

Vibration Control System

The newest feature of Hunter’s GSP9700 Vibration Control System, StraightTrak LFM, detects the lateral forces in tires that cause pulls and drifts, and calculates a tire arrangement plan to correct the problem.

Hunter Engineering Co.

Arched Aluminum Ramps

Deflecta-Shield’s Arched Aluminum Ramps weigh only 25 lb. yet can handle up to 750 lbs. per ramp. Built-in safety features include “sure-grip” loading surface, raised “wheelguider” edges and non-slip rubberized tailgate attachment.


Parts Washer Sink

Landa’s new Rebel hot water parts washer sink eliminates the need for harmful ozone-depleting solvents. The portable, rugged unit features stainless steel sink, tank and cabinet with time-tested vertical seal-less pump.

Landa Water Cleaning Systems

Improved Transmission Cleaner

The Big Dawg II Transmission Cleaning Machine works with BG Quick Clean for Automatic Transmissions to remove deposits, and completely flush and replace fluid in as little as two minutes.

BG Products

LED Powered Flashlight

The new solid state Lightwave 4000 Portable Lighting System uses ten super bright white light emitting diodes with over 100,000 hours of life, (equal to 11 years), and weighs only 1.5 lb with batteries.


Hose Reel Improved

Hannay Reels’ popular N700 spring rewind hose reels have been enhanced with a non-sparking ratchet assembly that makes the reel safer to operate and offers better access to the pawl and pin.

Hannay Reels

Retractable Worklight Reel

Ferret Instruments’ WorkLite now features an optional retractable reel with a rugged metal mechanism and ABS plastic housing, with 50 feet of cord, adjustable ball stop and ceiling or wall mount hardware.

Ferret Instruments

Fluid Evacuator-Injector

International Lubricants’ Lubegard Transporter Fluid Evacuator-Injector enables the drainage and refilling of any power steering pump, as well as differential and transfer cases, without spillage.

International Lubricants

Ford Code Reader

The INNOVA 3145 Ford Code Reader, is a hand-held diagnostic tool for 1981 to 1995 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. The most distinctive feature of this new and improved Ford Code Reader model is its digital display.

Equus Products, Inc.,

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