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News   June 23, 2011   by Auto Service World

Tool Tests TPM Sensors, Relearns TPM Systems

Snap-on’s TPMS3 Tire Sensor System Tool is necessary if you plan on doing any TPMS work.
“Every auto repair shop, tire store, body shop, quick lube and rental car-fleet repair shops should be using the Snap-on TPMS3,” said Mike DeKeuster, product manager for Snap-on. “Doing TPMS work has its own diagnostic needs and having the right tool is imperative if you want to perform this work quickly and efficiently. If you work on vehicles that have tires, this tool is a must have.
“Not only does the TPMS3 give you sensor diagnosis and the ability to relearn TPM systems, it also offers a database of information right at your fingertips. This feature allows the user to access vehicle-specific relearn procedures without having to consult a repair manual. This saves the technician time in performing relearn (or reset) procedures after a tire rotation or sensor replacement.”
The Snap-on TPMS3 has the following features:
•Comprehensive domestic, European and Asian coverage
•Model-specific sensor testing and verification – displays sensor information on-screen
•Step-by-step relearn procedures built into the tool – no need to consult repair manual or software
•Reprogram sensor ID into ECU with included OBDII connector for Asian vehicles
•Tests wireless Key FOBs for proper operation and signal strength
•Built in lithium ion rechargeable battery
•Updateable via USB and PC
Customers can find out more about Snap-on’s TPMS3 by contacting their Snap-on franchisee or representative or visiting

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