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News   March 16, 2015   by Auto Service World

The RF3 3″ LED light From PIAA Now In Stock

#aftermarket – The RF3 3″ LED light from PIAA has redefined the small LED light market. Not only is the RF3 a compact housing with multitude of mounting options, it also has more effective light output than any other forward facing cube light on the market thanks to our Reflector Facing Technology 

  • Two 8W LEDs for low power draw
  • Reflector Facing Technology puts more light where the driver needs it
  • 6000K White Color Temperature to replicate daylight
  • SAE Compliant Long Range Driving beam pattern for superior visibility
  • 10G vibration validated to withstand the most rugged terrain
  • RF3 SAE Driving 
  • ·RF3 Flood Pattern 
  • ·Watts: 17 
  • LEDs: 2
  • Beam: 30° DRV
  • Compliance: SAE | 10g 
  • Part# : 07603
  • Watts: 17 
  • LEDs:
  • Beam: 60° FLOOD
  • Compliance: 10g 
  • Part# : 07340

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