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News   April 29, 2002   by Auto Service World

Tenneco Extends Safety Triangle Promotion

The Monroe Safety First promotion from Tenneco Automotive, which offers comeback certificates worth up to $75 to consumers who replace worn shocks and/or struts with selected Monroe units, has been extended through June 30, 2002.
The promotion is part of the Monroe brand’s ongoing Safety Triangle education campaign, which focuses consumer attention on the interconnected systems and components that affect vehicle steering, stopping and stability. Launched in March, the campaign urges vehicle owners to request periodic chassis inspections to identify and replace worn or damaged "safety triangle" components, including shock absorbers, struts, tires, brakes and other safety-related chassis parts.
"The Safety First promotion and Monroe Safety Triangle campaign have allowed our company, and our aftermarket customers, to focus on what’s most important the safety of today’s drivers," said David Gabriel, senior vice president and general manager of Tenneco Automotive’s North American Aftermarket business. "Tests certified by the United States Auto Club have shown that vehicle driving performance can be impaired in some situations if even one shock absorber or strut is worn or damaged; we’re taking this message to millions of consumers across North America, and we’re rewarding them for putting safety first when it comes to maintaining their vehicles."
Consumers who replace four worn shock absorbers with four Monroe Sensa-Trac or Reflex shocks will qualify for a $25 comeback certificate from Tenneco Automotive. The installation of two Sensa-Trac or Reflex shocks and two Sensa-Trac or Reflex struts will qualify for a $50 comeback certificate. For the installation of four Sensa-Trac or Reflex struts, consumers will qualify for a $75 comeback certificate.
Shops participating in the Monroe Safety First promotion and Safety Triangle campaign are members of the Tenneco Automotive Expert Plus program, which provides a full range of technical and promotional support services to leading automotive repair businesses. In addition, Expert Plus members will earn bonus points for every qualifying Safety Triangle inspection completed during the 2002 campaign.