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News   January 27, 2003   by Auto Service World

Tagged Methanol Prevents Race Fuel Tampering

CART, IRL and other sanctioning bodies that utilize methanol fuels can now test for illegal additives used to enhance performance.
Performance Products, a major North American distributor of methanol and race fuels, and the sole provider of methanol to CART, is working with Dallas-based Isotag to provide the sanctioning bodies with the option of using methanol that has been tagged with invisible molecular markers. The markers have no effect on the performance of the fuel and allow race officials to instantaneously authenticate the fuel at the race site using a hand-held device.
“This technology will provide the sanctioning bodies with a quick and effective way to ensure the integrity of the race and the sport,” said Mark Paul of Performance Products.
“We are pleased to be able to offer this value-added service to our customers and do our part to keep the ‘steroids’ out of racing,” said Keith Nance of Performance Products.
“Performance Products is the first methanol distributor to take advantage of this innovative technology and Isotag is pleased to work with them to help deliver 100% authentic racing to the fans,” said Isotag CEO David Moxam.
The methanol marking program is similar to the successful racing fuel program Isotag launched with Sunoco Race Fuels last year. The program was recently featured on Morley Safer’s American Business Review show. Isotag is also well known for working with many of the major gasoline companies to defeat co-mingling — the practice of mixing premium branded gasoline with an inferior product. On the upstream side, the company has seen great success with the marking of drilling fluids such as drilling muds and frac fluids which provides enhanced information and improved well management.

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