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News   May 18, 2011   by Auto Service World

Strobing LED Light Makes A/C Leak Detection Easier

Tool manufacturer Cliplight Mfg., Toronto, Ont., has added the 88DC to its list of LED lights that make the A/C technician’s life easier and more productive.
With its powerful strobe pulsating light and focus capability to intensify the beam, the 88DC highlights UV leaks that may not have been spotted before. The 88DC features:
•Super bright LED “Array on Chip” illumination technology packs intense power per unit space
•Adjustable focal length coupled with intense power density means it’s useful range is from mere inches to up to 20 feet to pin point leaks with laser precision.
•On/off strobe function
•Robust and compact aluminum construction, with a
•Handy lanyard strap so it’s not dropped just when it’s needed most. And,
•Inexpensive 3 x AAA battery powered (included).

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