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News   May 16, 2008   by Auto Service World

Steering Technology Takes BorgWarner Award

Bishop Steering Technology’s variable ratio rack and pinion steering, new to the 92nd Indianapolis 500 race, wins the BorgWarner Louis Schwitzer Award for most exceptional racing technology advancement.
Engineers Andrew Heathershaw, Soungjin Wou and Nick Belonogoff of Bishop Steering Technology and Andrea Toso from Dallara Chassis will be honored with the 42nd annual BorgWarner Louis Schwitzer Award for their work in the development and implementation of this technology for the IndyCar Series.
The variable ratio rack and pinion steering technology developed by Bishop, whose North American facility is located in Indianapolis, IN, offers a number of driver performance benefits:
“Steering with feeling,” is how Heathershaw, Bishop’s manager of vehicle dynamics in Sydney, Australia, describes the technology.
“The driver relies on this steering feel to judge how the tires and chassis are working to enable the driver to make appropriate steering inputs to control the vehicle.”
The variable ratio rack and pinion steering is ideal for road course races and is currently used in the Formula One series.
In addition to the technology, the manufacturing process is an engineering accomplishment in itself.
Zero backlash and perfect mesh is achieved through a high technology machining process that rivals the surface finish and precision of ground gage gears.
The BorgWarner Louis Schwitzer Award, presented to engineers by engineers, acknowledges individuals with the passion to explore and develop new concepts in racing technology.
BorgWarner sponsors this prestigious US$10,000 award, which is presented by the Indiana Section of SAE.
The winners’ names are added to a permanent trophy on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.

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