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News   January 31, 2002   by Auto Service World

Spectre Launch e-Commerce Agreement in Canada

Spectre Industries, Inc. has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with DST MacDonald of Valencia, Calif., to distribute its parts procurement program.
The basis of the agreement is that Spectre’s wholly-owned subsidiary Grant Automotive Group and DST MacDonald are launching Turbospark, an internet-enabled parts procurement software program which will be made available to automotive parts distributors and installers.
“Our partnership combines the efforts of two well-established aftermarket companies," said Ian Grant, Spectre’s CEO. "We are very excited to partner with a market leader like DST MacDonald. Their expertise in electronic cataloging and management information systems is recognized throughout the aftermarket,”.
“Spectre, through Grant Automotive, brings national distribution coverage. We have learned that e-commerce software requires a dedicated sales team to realize the results possible through a product like Turbospark. The lessons of the recent past are that e-commerce will have more potential if it is positioned as a complementary product within an established portfolio,” said Bruce Adamson, president of DST MacDonald.
The strategy of this venture is to offer Turbospark to distributors who will enable their installers to order directly on-line, thereby eliminating the inefficiency and costly procedures associated with telephone ordering practices.
Spectre has contracted Shane Gorman, formerly executive vice-president of Triad Systems and a co-founder of Autovia, Inc., to assist in the launch plan development and initial product placement.
The product will use a fee-based pricing structure and has a product design that allows the distributor to use it as an effective marketing tool while maintaining the improved efficiency for the installer.
The parties plan to launch Turbospark into selected markets in 2002, with a goal to being the national market leader within 24-36 months.