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News   May 25, 2015   by Auto Service World

Spectra Premium Introduces New Fuel Injection Pumps And Fuel Pump Driver Modules

#aftermarket – Spectra Premium Industries has introduced two new product lines of new Fuel Injection Pumps and Fuel Pump Driver Modules. Their new offering will complement its existing categories of fuel delivery products and support the replacement opportunity seen in today’s market.

Spectra Premium’s Fuel Injection Pump offering consist of 16 SKUs for popular domestic and import GDI applications. Their high pressure fuel injection pumps are the next generation of fuel pumps which can delivery high operating pressure up to 2,900 PSI. They provide reliable and continuous pressures for stable fuel combustion at low and high speeds, contributing to an efficient engine operation. Its advanced technological design integrated in these fuel pumps minimizes negative impacts on the engine, facilitates improved fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions.

Spectra Premium’s Fuel Pump Driver Modules (FPDM) offering consist of 7 SKUs for popular GM applications. Their FPDMs provide a reliable and accurate voltage control to ensure the Fuel Pump supplies the optimal fuel pressure during the vehicle’s operation.

Their new product categories provide an industry-leading coverage on these product types. It also reinforces Spectra Premium’s commitment in providing the leading coverage for the complete fuel repair, which consist of its fuel pumps, fuel tanks, filler necks, filler neck hoses, straps, and now fuel injection pumps and fuel pump driver modules.

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