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News   February 19, 2015   by Auto Service World

Special Offer From Champion Spark Plugs

#aftermarket  Consumers who tune up their vehicles for improved performance, efficiency and reliability can save up to $40 through a new mail-in rebate offer from Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ iconic Champion Spark Plugs brand.

Now through December 31, 2015, consumers can qualify for mail-in rebates of $2.50 per plug on premium Champion Iridium spark plugs, as well as $2 mail-in rebates for each Champion Double Platinum Power and Platinum Power spark plug purchased through December 31. Also available is a $2 mail-in rebate on Champion glow plugs for diesel-fueled vehicles.

Performing periodic tune-ups can in many cases help restore engine power, fuel efficiency and reliability, eliminate hesitation, improve idle and prevent potential damage to the vehicle’s catalytic converter. The Champion brand offers a comprehensive range of premium replacement spark plugs featuring leading-edge technologies that help meet the precise operating demands of each corresponding engine. Champion plugs are available through thousands of North American automotive parts providers.

“It can be very difficult to notice the gradual loss of engine power and efficiency, so it makes sense to have your spark plugs and other ignition system components checked at the intervals recommended in the vehicle owner’s manual,” said champion brand manager Ann Skrycki-Mohler. “If the plugs are worn, there’s a good chance your engine is not operating at peak efficiency.”

Champion Iridium spark plugs feature a fine-wire iridium center electrode and the brand’s exclusive Heat-Active alloy for maximum performance and long life. Champion Double Platinum Power spark plugs are equipped with two platinum conductors and the Heat-Active alloy, ensuring exceptional performance in virtually any domestic or foreign-nameplate engine. The single platinum conductor in Champion Platinum Power plugs helps provide better ignitability and smoother idle under a wide range of operating conditions. Champion glow plugs are engineered to help today’s diesel engines start faster and more quickly reach optimal operating temperatures for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Maximum product rebate is $40. Rebates may be paid by check, PayPal or Champion Visa prepaid card. For additional rules and restrictions, please