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News   June 21, 2011   by Auto Service World

Snap-on’s Latest Software Bundle Offers More Coverage

Snap-on’s latest software update has been expanded to include more coverage than ever before, allowing professional technicians to expand their diagnostic capabilities for increased efficiency and productivity in the repair shop.
Whether the repair is driveability, undercar, transmission, diesel, body control or a variety of other repairs, Snap-on’s Software Bundle 11.2 offers fast answers for successful diagnosis and repair.
“Don’t lose customers to a competitive repair shop because you are unable to diagnose the problem,” said Bill Bruno, vice president of sales and marketing for Snap-on Diagnostics. “Instead, ‘master the unknown’ with the latest coverage included in Software Bundle 11.2. As a matter of fact, we’ve included so much new coverage that technicians are able to diagnose and repair more vehicles than can circle the earth five times!”
For example, Software Bundle 11.2 includes:
•Body Control for Acura and Honda Door Lock, Gauge and Light Modules
•Enable Key fob Remotes with GM Program Key fob
•Codes, Data and Seat Calibration with Toyota and Infiniti Occupant Classification Module (OCC)
•Kia and Mitsubishi Immobilizer Systems
•Added Tire Sensor Registration for Acura and Honda with TPMS Registration
•Power Steering for Kia Steering Angle and Hyundai ASP Calibration
•Nissan ECM Part Number Investigation
•Enhanced Engine Tests for Mitsubishi and Toyota
•Toyota Automated EVAP Tests
•Additional Hybrid coverage with 2007 and newer Nissan Altima
•Newly added Volvo coverage with optional European software
•Plus, so much more!

“We have seen a steady increase in business due to the other repair shops in the area coming to us for help,” said Alan Cafferty, Bryan’s Service, Winsted, Minn. “The vehicles that are just too complicated for them to repair are sent to our shop where we diagnose the problems and repair the vehicle right the first time. We are very happy to turn their customers into ours. We have become the shop with the ANSWERS. Thanks for a great product.”

To learn more about Snap-on’s new Software Bundle 11.2, visit or talk to a Snap-on representative.

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