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News   January 30, 2002   by Auto Service World

Slim Majority of British Drivers Support Speed Limiters

Just over half of British drivers survey would approve of the compulsory fitting of speed limiters on all new cars to ensure they cannot speed on any given road or motorway, according to a survey.
The survey, commissioned by, Direct Line’s online car retailer, found that 51% of those surveyed supported speed limiters. The nation-wide jamjar/MORI survey, which coincides with the launch of a government inquiry into road traffic speed, also revealed that nearly 13 million drivers (43%) would approve of speed limiters being fitted to their existing car.
Women drivers are more in favor than their male counterparts. Two thirds (66%) of women drivers approve of the compulsory fitting of speed limiters to new cars, compared with only 41% of male drivers. Unsurprisingly, only a third (34%) of drivers who admitted to speeding at over 100 mph (160 km/h) would approve, compared to 74% of drivers who claim never to exceed 70mph (112 km/h).
Automatic speed limiters that prevent trucks from travelling at more than 56mph (90 km/h), are already in use. They are also in operation on most busses.
Mary Williams, chief executive of road safety organization Brake, said, "Suitable speed limiters for cars are still a long way off, however it is important that we look at new technologies to see whether they can help reduce speed on our roads and improve road safety. We can put men on the moon, so surely controlling our speed on the road is achievable.”

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