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News   January 23, 2017   by Adam Malik

SEMA Data Co-op upgrades product standards

The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) has been updated with Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) version 6.7, making it possible for SDC members to have data that is compatible with the newest format in the industry.

“We’re excited that we’ve completed such a detailed integration of the new standards features into the SEMA Data Co-op’s Product Information Management System (PIMS),” said SDC Vice President of Operations Craig Schmutzler.

PIES is the best practice for the management and exchange of product attribute information and includes brand ID, description, price, dimensions, weights, NAFTA, UPC and HAZMAT. The Auto Care Association recently introduced PIES 6.7 to include more item-level marketing features and benefits, and more robust Interchange and Kits segments, which enable users to send a complete Bill of Materials, such as contents, descriptions, and quantities, and tie the information to the selling part number for the kit or set.

“The recent updates are the most advanced and sophisticated that we’ve seen to date,” said SDC Director of eBusiness Stephanie Jones. “There are dozens of benefits to PIES 6.7. For example, the additional Digital Assets fields will be especially useful for 360-degree images, and other collateral digital materials such as installation instructions and training videos.”

For more information about PIES 6.7, contact the SDC Data Lab at 888-958-6698, ext. 40. To learn more about how to join the SDC, visit or contact Allen Horwitz at or call 888-958-6698, ext. 9.

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