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News   February 12, 2014   by Auto Service World

Schrader Expands Training & Educational Program In 2014

 Schrader International has announed the expansion of its educational, awareness and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) training programs. Following a significant 45%  increase of individuals trained in 2013 (5,971 people trained) compared to 2012 (4,120 people trained), Schrader plans to continue this growth in 2014.

As part of these dedicated training programs, Schrader promotes awareness of and education on the importance of TPMS to its aftermarket service and repair customers, as well as directly to consumer drivers. In 2013, this included 195 specialized training events, as well as execution of Schrader’s “Make the EZ-Choice” Roadshow that featured two dedicated Schrader trainers traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada to more than 30 destinations, training hundreds of professionals on how to quickly and easily replace TPMS sensors and service packs with Schrader TPMS replacement technology.

Additionally, Schrader’s online e-learning and video-based training is an option for its customer-partners. In 2014, Schrader will expand its online training presence through the introduction of a year-long webcast series, consisting of guidance covering all facets of TPMS service and repair, including: profitability, sensor and service pack replacement, operational best practices, in-store consumer awareness, and many other essential TPMS-related topics.

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