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News   July 22, 2002   by Auto Service World

Safety the Focus of Automotive Technology Conference

Global automotive electronics conference in Detroit this October will hold a special session on automotive safety.
Convergence 2002, held October 21-23, 2002 at Cobo Center in Detroit, will offer a glimpse of the future of automotive safety systems. A special automotive safety systems session on Tuesday, Oct. 22, will explore the future of this dynamic automotive sector, amid the changing landscape of safety standards, rules, regulations, laws and litigation.
Reiner Emig, Robert Bosch Corp, and Richard Lind of Delphi will serve as chair and vice chair, respectively, of this session.
“There are many safety-related technologies and products available that are not being used because they are either too expensive or require too many product changes,” said Bernard I. Robertson, senior vice president at DaimlerChrysler and chairman of Convergence 2002. “The goal of this session is to explore what safety technologies can be used to meet future safety standards and what technologies are available that might challenge or force change in the automotive industry. Informative sessions, like this one, demonstrate our commitment to providing a detailed report card on current developments and a glimpse of plans for the future in one of the automotive industry’s most complex sectors.”
Several papers are presently available for review at
— Feasibility Study of High Speed Wheel Torque Control and its Effects on Vehicle Dynamics by Takahisa Tokoyama and Yuzo Imoto, ADVICS Co., Ltd.
— Reducing the Stopping Distance through Chassis System Networking by Peter E. Rieth and Thomas Eberz, Continental Teves AG
— Advances in Tire Pressure Monitoring Technologies and Systems by Erwin Bartz and Shawn Lammers, SmarTire Systems, Inc.
— A NIR Based System for Night Vision Improvement by Peter Knoll, Robert Bosch GmbH
— Safety Concepts in X-by-Wire Systems by Wilfried Achenbach, DaimlerChrysler
— Interior Sensing by Walter K. Kosiak, William Shogren and Gerald Witt, Delphi

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