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News   February 9, 2004   by Auto Service World

Risque Ads Pulled in Super Bowl Backlash

The risque ads for a Birmingham Alabama auto parts store are nothing new, but they have now been pulled in a post Super Bowl chill.
The company, called Pull-A-Part, has been billing itself as "the best strip joint in town" for several years. However, local television stations have now pulled ads from the company.
The company is well known for its billboards which feature women with headlight-shaped breasts.Complaints about the ads started coming in after the Janet Jackson halftime show controversy. So far, three stations have stopped airing the ads.
Pull-A-Part manager Marty Kogan says the company is surprised by the backlash, especially since the “strip joint” slogan has been used since the company started in 1997. Kogan says they used an all female ad agency and wanted exposure in Birmingham.

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