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News   June 30, 2011   by Auto Service World

Ride Control, LLC Recognized with Frost & Sullivan 2010 Product Differentiation Excellence Award

Gabriel (Ride Control, LLC), the originator of the world’s first automotive shock absorber in 1907, has been recognized from Frost & Sullivan with the 2010 Product Differentiation Excellence Award in the Premium Shock Absorber Aftermarket.
“Ever since we invented the first shock absorber over a century ago, Gabriel has been responding to customer needs and driving the industry by introducing many well designed and innovative products to the market,” said Janet Qian, senior manager of business strategy and marketing, Gabriel. “Generations have trusted Gabriel to bring the most tested and well-designed new products to our customers. It’s one way to ensure Gabriel continues to lead the ride control industry for another 100 years.”
Gabriel’s premium MaxControl product was selected on the basis of Frost & Sullivan TEAM Research methodology, which provided a platform for benchmarking best-in-class industry players based on a series of evaluative criteria.
“Ride Control (Gabriel) leverages technological features from its top-tier products, like MaxControl, into its entire product portfolio,” said Frost & Sullivan. “The company consistently tailors its product offerings to customer and installer demands and to the vehicle population in general, offering consumers a range of ride control products that address various end-uses.”
According to Frost & Sullivan, Gabriel MaxControl was equal to or led the competition in all business performance categories explored: features/functionality, quality/complexity, customization, mix, target market, unique name/brand recognition. Gabriel’s overall weighted score of nine out of 10 beat all the premium shock absorber competitors.
“Product reliability is the first measure of a product’s overall quality,” said Frost & Sullivan. The company then specifically cited individual features which set it apart from the competition:
•”The 46 mm monotube bore allows greater air-cooling of the shock, preventing foam formation and shock fade. This provides consumers with predictable handling and a compliant ride that does not degrade.
•”The MaxControl shock absorber incorporates a seamless tube design to avoid hotspots…while also increasing tube strength.
•”The shock also uses a chrome-plated piston rod that has been hardened and super-finished, to prevent damage that would lead to fluid leaks and shock failure while also ensuring a long service life. “

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