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News   October 26, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

Refueled Carter Asserts Primary Focus on the Installer

Recently launching the program “Refueled Carter,” Carter Fuel Systems has amplified efforts to provide product lines specifically engineered to maximize performance and make fuel pump replacement as easy as possible for the installer.

“Carter products are designed and engineered with our customers at top-of-mind,” said Mellissa Krause, brand marketing manager at Carter Fuel Systems. “We are dedicated to providing fuel system solutions that not only make the installer’s job easier, but also offer the quality and coverage they need to provide superior service to their clients.”

Part of the installation process is ensuring there is a clean fuel supply for the new pump to operate in, as contaminants are the number one cause of fuel pump failure. In order to reduce the risk of contaminant entry into the fuel supply, many Carter assemblies utilize CleanScreen multi-layer filtration technology that provides 40 percent more dirt holding capacity. Carter fuel assemblies also feature internal and external strainers to further increase longevity and performance.

With the ethanol blends in most gas stations, it is critical to repair the system with products that are compatible with ethanol fuel additives and ultimately, resistant to its long-term corrosive effects. Carter equips its products with several features to withstand the corrosive effect of ethanol and improve fuel flow, including carbon commutators, over-molded armature and precious metal buttons on the assembly sender cards.

Dedicated to being a comprehensive “one-stop shop” for its customers, Carter has developed sophisticated software that tracks the latest OE fuel system product introductions in order to rapidly develop aftermarket solutions for each application as it is released into the marketplace. Additionally, Carter products are delivered to the customer with all parts needed for the repair in the package, saving installers time and added expense. For relevant applications, Carter assemblies are delivered with an attached and pre-calibrated sender assembly to save installers the hindrance of ordering the component separately, and to ensure a correct fuel read upon installation.

“Refueled Carter serves as a springboard to educate and raise awareness for the category,” added Mellissa Krause. “We aim to serve as installers’ top, most reliable resource by continuing to integrate new performance-enhancing design elements, provide easy-to-install products and offer best-in-class coverage.”

The initiative is not only supported by a reinvigorated focus on the installer, but also a bold new personality. Carter’s packaging, website and all other collateral materials now display distinctly new, modern branding. For more information and to see the new “Refueled Carter” look, stop by Booth #3038 at AAPEX this year or visit:

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