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News   December 31, 2013   by Auto Service World

Programmable BOLT Locks Now Available At Canadian Tire

STRATTEC Security Corporation’s BOLT has announced availability of its  programmable Padlocks, Cable Locks and Receiver Locks at Canadian Tire, the largest retailer in the country with 491 locations.     

“Canadian Tire is a natural fit to include BOLT locks, the retailer  offers customers automotive parts and accessories, sporting goods, hardware and home products,” said BOLT sales manager Erika Garcia. “We believe the retailers’ customers can benefit from our Receiver Lock, Padlock and Cable Lock for towing trailers and securing items on their vehicles and around the home.”     

BOLT locks feature breakthrough one-key lock technology, which permanently programs the lock to a vehicle’s ignition key. When drivers insert their ignition key into a BOLT lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down to uniquely code the cylinder to that specific key. BOLT locks are available for owners of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan vehicles.    

Having multiple BOLT locks allows consumers to streamline travel and eliminate the need for multiple locks, which can add weight to an overloaded key ring. Today, many parks advise campers to secure all valuables, by either locking them in a camper or vehicle. To that end, savvy campers are packing heavy-duty locks along with their gear, and securing their bicycles, vehicles and campers from the moment they hit the road.  With BOLT, no matter how many locks are used, they can all be unlocked with the driver’s ignition key.   

With BOLT’s Receiver Lock, consumers can keep valuable cargo secured while on the road and guarantee trailers are kept safe on the hitch. The lock features a durable, stainless steel pin, an automotive-grade stainless steel lock shutter and a six-plate tumbler sidebar, which prevents picking and bumping.     

The BOLT Padlock is ideal for numerous applications and is designed for any type of hardware that accepts a padlock, including doors and storage areas. Featuring a spring-loaded, chrome-plated 5/16″ diameter hardened steel shackle inside a crush-resistant body shell, the Padlock fits most standard toolboxes. 

BOLT’s Cable Lock is a six-foot by 1/4-inch coiled cable with a 1/16-inch black vinyl coating ideal for securing outdoor gear such as canoes, kayaks and bicycles. It features an automotive-grade lock shutter to keep out weather and debris and a six-plate tumbler sidebar to heighten security and convenience. 

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