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News   September 29, 2004   by Auto Service World

PPG Succeeds in Pulling Counterfeit Paint Off Shelves

PPG, a major supplier of refinish paint products, has succeeding in getting a court order stoppinga New York distributor from selling paint mislabeled as PPG products.
Servco Lacquer & Equipment Co. Inc. of Haverstraw, New York, was recently enjoined by the United States Federal District Court in New York City from selling paint not manufactured by PPG under a PPG label. Servco was caught mislabeling paint and representing that the paint was genuine PPG paint.
The court, in addition to enjoining this illegal activity, also ordered Servco to pay damages to PPG, reimburse PPG for its legal fees, and inform its customers that it committed such acts.
William Shaw, PPG’s director of marketing, North America Automotive Refinish, said "PPG will remain vigilant in protecting our distributors and their customers. PPG intends to continue policing these illegal activities and take whatever steps are necessary to put an end to them and to recoup payment for damages. PPG intends to be proactive in its efforts to identify and stop existing and new entrants of these illegal activities and will move quickly to enact the strictest penalties available."

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