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News   February 23, 2015   by Auto Service World

Philips Automotive Wins AAPEX Packaging And Product Showcase Awards

#aftermarket Philips Automotive North America received two awards during the 2014 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) Show, in Las Vegas, NV. For the second consecutive year, Philips was cited for its packaging efforts and received the Automotive Communication Best Packaging Award for its Anti-Counterfeit Xenon HID package design. In addition to the ACA award, Philips was also selected as a winner of the New Product Showcase for its new Philips Vision LED line.

The Automotive Communication Award (ACA), bestowed in recognition for excellence in business-to-business communication, was received by Philips Anti-Counterfeit Xenon HID packaging, which features anti-counterfeit technology designed to ensure consumers that they are receiving a genuine Philips product. The annual ACA awards are sponsored by the Car Care Council Women’s Board and Automotive Communication Council, and highlight outstanding advertising, marketing, and public relations activities by automotive aftermarket organizations.

The AAPEX New Product Showcase Award, voted on by the attendees at the 2014 AAPEX show who selected their favorite product using a product scanner, was garnered by Philips in the category of Automotive Lighting for their new Philips Vision LED line. Only eight winners were selected overall. Philips innovative line of exterior and interior LED lighting represents a major advance in automotive lighting. It is guaranteed to last for 12 years and the innovative design of the bulb itself is a breakthrough in vehicle lighting. The specific design of the bulb ensures that the light emitted is concentrated on the roadway, and not in the view of other drivers.

Said Dennis Samfilippo, general manager, Philips Business Group Automotive N.A. “We are extremely delighted to be the recipient of two prestigious awards. We are proud of all of the hard work conducted by our entire team to make both of these products a success in the marketplace. Our Anti-Counterfeit packaging was designed to protect Philips consumers and our innovative Vision LED line is a breakthrough in vehicle lighting technology. Our entire team is excited about the recognition and the awards that all of their hard work have brought.”