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News   April 25, 2006   by Auto Service World

Pep Boys Stores Fined for Overcharging

Two additional Pep Boys locations in Charlotte have been fined under state laws for overcharging, after inspectors conducted random testing, said a report in the Charlotte Observer.
According to the law, an overcharge occurs when the scanner price reads higher than the price posted on the shelves, a problem that Pep Boys has run into over the past year.
A store is considered to have failed the government examination if more than two percent of the products tested have differing price points.
According to the article, one store that was inspected in December, showed 12 per cent of 50 products had overcharges, while the second location, tested in February showed that 10 per cent of 50 randomly selected products were overcharged.
According to a company spokesperson on Monday, Pep Boys will launch an internal program starting May 1st, to help rectify the problem.

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