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Feature   October 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

Over the Counter: FEEDBACK (October 01, 2000)

Dear Editor,

I thought I would drop you a line complimenting you on an accurate and well-written article in the July issue of Jobber News (PartSource Acquires Western Canada Chain). I am always reluctant to speak publicly about our company since comments can be taken out of context and set us up for conflict with other competitors in markets we trade in. Not so in this case. Keep up the great work!

Wayne Scrivens

(Founder of Drivers Discount Auto Parts/Auto Village chain)

Dear Editor,

Keep telling it like it is. This industry of ours often seems to be in a state of information overload–it’s important that someone cut through the sugar coating and give it to us straight. Good job.

Noel Leonard,

Central Canada Industries Ltd.

Kenora, Ont.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your publication of Jobber News. We appreciate all the work that is put into producing a quality magazine for the automotive industry. In the issue of August 2000, there is a statement that we would like to bring to your attention and request a correction to be made.

In the article “Uni-Select to Offer Internet Tech to Network,” Pierre Theriault is quoted as saying that Uni-Select is the first national distributor to offer the Cybrrparts program to their jobbers and installers.

Auto Sense has been using Cybrrparts since November of 1999. Our members and installers are proud to be at the forefront of the industry on a national level, especially with regards to this program, and have made considerable efforts to promote it. We would appreciate Jobber News mentioning this fact in your next issue.


Kevin Patterson,

Marketing Manager, Auto Sense

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