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News   October 27, 2009   by Auto Service World

Orange Oil Tire Gets Top Marks from U.S. Retailer

Yokohama’s orange oil infused dB Super E-spec tire has received top marks among high fuel mileage tires from the Tire Rack.

The tire, which is composed of 80% non-petroleum-based products, accumulated high test scores when compared to low rolling resistance competitors during Tire Rack’s recent Real World Road Ride.

“The Tire Rack test shows that the dB Super E-spec, which introduces new technology in tire materials and design, is noticeably better on all-around performance,” said Mark Chung, YTC director, corporate strategy and planning. “Compared to standard tires on a Prius, both the fuel efficiency and handling are improved, and compared with other conventional tires that offer enhanced fuel efficiency, the dB Super E-Spec excels in driving performance.  As the only manufacturer reducing petroleum by infusing orange oil into the tires, the dB Super E-spec stands above the competition.”

Seven 185/65R15-sized OE and aftermarket tires with low rolling resistance capabilities were compared during more than 550 miles of real-world driving in a Toyota Prius on expressways, state highways and public roads. The dB Super E-spec was top-rated in handling, according to Tire Rack, which stated: “…the personality and drivability of the Prius can be affected by what tire is installed.  The firm ride of the dB Super E-spec paid back with a quick, athletic feel as it responded crisply to driver inputs.”

The eco-focused dB Super E-spec mixes sustainable orange oil and natural rubber making it 80% petroleum free. The tire, which hit the U.S. market in July and is available in four sizes, also improves fuel efficiency via a 20% reduction in rolling resistance and by its proprietary Advanced Inner Liner, which is lighter than conventional butyl liner. The Advanced Inner Liner minimizes tire weight and reduces air loss to help the tire stay properly inflated.

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