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News   August 4, 2006   by Auto Service World

NuRide Teams-up With National Wildlife Federation

NuRide, Inc. the nation’s first incentive-based ridesharing network, announced today that the National Wildlife Federation, an organization dedicated to protecting the nation’s wildlife and confronting global warming, will sponsor thousands of commuters who share rides resulting in 100,000 fewer miles driven and 40 fewer tons of greenhouse-gas emissions.
Participating commuters will earn free one-year memberships to the National Wildlife Federation, as well as complimentary membership gifts.
National Wildlife Federation joins a growing list of sponsors supporting the Chevron 5,000,000 Mile Rideshare Challenge, a regional event that brings together commuters and corporations to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, and save commuters money on gas.
“The Chevron Challenge is a terrific model for how organizations and individuals can work together to help confront global warming,” said Anne Senft, Senior Director of Membership Marketing for the National Wildlife Federation.
“NuRide has developed an innovative market-based system for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and we are certainly proud to be a part of this important effort.”
Scientists agree that global warming pollution such as carbon dioxide from tailpipes is responsible for most global warming.
Reducing those emissions can make a significant contribution to reducing the damaging impacts of global warming on people and wildlife.
“The National Wildlife Federation is one of the premier environmental organizations in the country, and their commitment to confronting global warming makes them a natural partner for NuRide,” said Rick Steele, Chief Executive Officer of NuRide.
“Since NuRiders also tend to be environmentally conscious individuals, I am certain they will enjoy this reward for sharing rides and doing their part to alleviate global warming.”
The Chevron 5,000,000 Mile Rideshare Challenge was launched in Washington D.C. on February 28, 2006. The event will involve over 5,000 commuters who will share rides resulting in 5,000,000 fewer miles driven and over 200,000 gallons of gasoline being conserved.
To participate in the program, commuters use NuRide’s innovative online ridesharing program to find other people going their way.
The NuRide web site calculates the savings for each trip and awards participants with points for each confirmed ridesharing trip, which can then be redeemed with participating sponsors for gift cards, gift certificates, show tickets and various other rewards.

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