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News   January 11, 2011   by Auto Service World

Nostalgic Roadster Recalls AC Ace on 50th Anniversary

Only 100 Copies of Exclusive Roadster to Be Hand-Built

The 50th anniversary remastering of the original AC Ace, the Iconic AC Roadster, will start production later this year, featuring an innovative remote monitoring system.
The Iconic AC Roadster shares similar styling cues to the AC Ace, but features VEEDIMS monitoring technology under the hood. Iconic Motors has announced plans to start production in late spring of 2011, but will only build 100 units keeping the roadster in “limited edition” production.
“We are genuinely excited to begin production on the 2012 Iconic AC Roadster,” says Iconic Motors chairman, Claudio Ballard. “This supercar is hand-built in the heartland of American muscle – Detroit, Michigan. It was designed without compromise, fabricated from 100% American ingenuity and assembled from the ground up with hand-built parts.”
The car is powered by a NASCAR inspired V8 engine built by Ernie Elliot Industries along with development and design spearheaded by Technosports just outside of Detroit,
The car is also the platform for showcasing the patented VEEDIMS technology, an Ethernet based software program that allows all components of the car to be remotely monitored and controlled. By cutting down on the traditional miles of wiring, VEEDIMS is a cost-effective and efficient way to optimize the roadster’s performance. A noteworthy option of each purchase includes driving instruction from Terry Borchellor, former Grand-Am Daytona Prototype champion, allowing each new owner to become more accustomed with the car’s capabilities. As an additional benefit, each unit will be entered into the elite AC Cars’ century-old registry.

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