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News   May 5, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

New Version Of  Epicor Eagle For The Automotive Aftermarket


Epicor Software Corporation, has introduced a new version of its Epicor Eagle for the Automotive Aftermarket software featuring dozens of additional business-building capabilities and other enhancements designed to drive sales growth and increased operational efficiency for distributors and jobbers of automotive and commercial vehicle replacement parts.

A majority of these enhancements are also available to users of the optional, free Epicor Eagle N Series software interface, which offers highly streamlined process flows engineered to help users of all skill levels leverage the full power of the Eagle software.

New features available through the latest Eagle software cover virtually every functional area within a vehicle parts enterprise, from purchasing and inventory management to accounting and point of sale (POS) operations. Several new capabilities are designed to help users increase sales and enhance service levels, while others reduce the process steps and time needed to complete a variety of common tasks.

Among the leading new capabilities are Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) “smart card” functionality for Eagle software users who rely on the Epicor Payment Exchange or First Data credit card processing solutions. Smart card technology is quickly becoming the predominant choice of U.S.-based banks. According to MasterCard, more than two-thirds of MasterCard-branded credit cards issued in the U.S. now feature embedded computer chips, an increase of 51 % since October 1, 20151. The Payments Security Task Force projects that by the end of 2017 nearly all cards issued in the U.S. will feature chip technology.2

Also featured in the software is a timesaving new centralized workflow for Physical Inventory processes, with all tasks now consolidated into the Physical Inventory Posting (PIP) application. A helpful new PIP toolbar offers easy access to several new functions, while users also have significantly more flexibility in selecting and managing parts to be counted as part of the Physical Inventory process.

A new Vendor Report Card feature enables users to quickly move relevant data into the Epicor Compass analytics application for a complete vendor performance analysis. This new capability is designed to help Eagle for the Automotive Aftermarket software users negotiate the best possible terms and promote better service by showing vendors how well they are meeting key performance targets.

“Eagle software continues to bring important new capabilities to virtually every area of a parts distributor or jobber’s business,” said Scott Thompson, vice president, automotive, analytics and content, Epicor Americas. “These new features demonstrate our commitment to help Epicor customers outperform their competition in every selling situation.”

Additional features and related enhancements include integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software, increased launch speed of Eagle N Series applications, several new Dynamic Promotions options, the ability to issue Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments to vendors, and a cloud-based, live Eagle Online Help feature that offers the correct help files based on the user’s system configuration.

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