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News   February 9, 2009   by Auto Service World

New Super-Slim, Multi-Purpose Borescope Snakes by Tracer Products

Tracer Products has recently introduced the TP-9354 COBRA-4, part of the COBRA series of multi-purpose borescopes. The scope features a dual-head blue and white LED flashlight that enables technicians to inspect and leak check hard-to-see components such as pistons, intake valves, A/C evaporators, fuel systems, radiators and EVAP systems, without expensive disassembly.


The blue-light LED is ideal for fluorescent leak detection and detecting surface flaws, while the white-light LED is great for component inspection.  A press-fit coupler allows quick and easy attachment of the flashlight to the borescope. The COBRA-4 has a super-thin 4mm, 36” shaft to inspect smaller orifices.


Included with the scope is a clip-on, angled inspection mirror, which provides the added capability to detect flaws normally hidden from view. Three triple A alkaline batteries power the flashlight, which are included with the product. Also included are fluorescence-enhancing glasses, for use with the blue-light flashlight and fluorescent leak detection dyes. However, dyes are sold separately. All components are packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case with a foam insert. 


For more information call their company toll free 1-800-641-1133 or visit their Web site at

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