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News   July 31, 2002   by Auto Service World

New Study Finds Manganese-Based Gasoline Additive Causes Vehicle Emission Failures

A comprehensive study conducted by the Automotive Industry which was released today, confirming that the manganese-based gasoline additive, methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT), significantly raises vehicle emissions, increases fuel consumption and impairs the proper operation of vehicle emission control systems. MMT is commonly added to Canadian gasoline to increase octane.
The study, which is the largest and most comprehensive MMT test program ever conducted, showed that seven out of eight low emission passenger cars failed emission certification standards for hydrocarbons when driven over time on gasoline containing MMT. “This study provides evidence that MMT impairs the performance of vehicle emission controls systems and increases smog-forming hydrocarbon emissions,” said Mark Nantais, President of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers and the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA) conducted this study which was designed to determine the impact of MMT on vehicle emissions and the performance of emission control equipment.
Robert Armstrong, President of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (AIAMC), said, “This study confirms that MMT is detrimental to the effective operation of vehicle emission controls systems and is ultimately harmful to the environment. Action must be taken quickly to remove this additive from gasoline in Canada.”
Automakers in Canada are already providing the most advanced emission control systems in the world which are capable of reducing smog-causing emissions by over 99% compared to pre-control levels when the appropriate gasoline formulations are available. Furthermore, automakers are proceeding to introduce even cleaner vehicles in the near future. The presence of MMT in gasoline will significantly reduce the environmental benefits of these advancements in vehicle technology. The Government of Canada needs to take the appropriate steps to ensure that the substantial efforts by automakers to design and build these advanced emission control systems are complemented by rigorous fuel quality specifications in the Canadian marketplace.
The CVMA’s members, which include DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc.; Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited; General Motors of Canada Limited, International Truck and Engine Corporation Canada and Volvo Cars of Canada Limited, account for more than 75% of all vehicle production in Canada.
The AIAMC represents the interests of fourteen member companies engaged in the manufacture, importation, distribution and servicing of light duty vehicles in Canada. AIAMC membership includes BMW Canada Inc., Daewoo Auto Canada Inc., Honda Canada Inc., Hyundai Auto Canada, Kia Canada Inc., Mazda Canada Inc., Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc., Nissan Canada Inc., Porsche Cars Canada Ltd., Subaru Canada, Inc., Suzuki Canada Inc., Toyota Canada Inc., and Volkswagen Canada Inc.