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News   August 21, 2012   by Auto Service World

New Pirelli Winter Tire Draws on F1 Experience

Pirelli’s Scorpion Winter tire for high-performance SUVs and crossover vehicles features improved safety under braking and cornering – even on the most treacherous surfaces typical of the inclement weather of autumn and winter.

The new tire was developed by Pirelli engineers to give drivers of the largest and most powerful SUVs and crossover vehicles total control in every driving situation while enjoying the same standards of comfort, reliability and handling that was previously only available on sports cars.

Scorpion Winter is the newest arrival in the Scorpion family of tires, and is at its best during the colder months of the year during a cold rain or even a driving snow.

The Scorpion Winter draws on Pirelli’s experience in Formula One, with innovative design and materials use and a fully integrated design process. These attributes make the Scorpion Winter the tire of choice for some of the leading SUV and crossover vehicle manufacturers such as AMG, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo. As is the case with all of Pirelli’s premium products, the Scorpion Winter tire has been developed in close collaboration with well-known manufacturers, in particular Porsche and Volkswagen, who have shared information and technology to best respond to the complex needs of their range-topping vehicles. Scorpion Winter works together with all the most recent traction control and ABS systems that are fitted to the latest generation SUVs and crossover vehicles.

Scorpion Winter, also available in a run-flat version, will be introduced to the North American market in autumn 2012.

It follows the natural evolution of SUVs, which over the years have transformed themselves from functional workhorses into safe and sustainable multi-purpose vehicles. In particular, the precise grip and turn-in offered by the Scorpion Winter tire answers the principal requirement that drivers demand: maximum control through downhill bends on every surface and in all weather conditions – from snow to rain and sleet, in city or country driving.

This new winter tire completes and innovates the range of Scorpion tires dedicated to SUVs and crossover vehicles, sitting alongside the Scorpion Verde All Season: the first high-performance ecological tire developed specifically for this sector.

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