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News   December 21, 2001   by Auto Service World

New Ontario A/C regulations Take Effect January 1, 2002

Ontario’s new environmental regulations take effect on January 1,2002, eliminating R-12 service in Ontario.
The changes requires leaking systems to be evacuated and sealed or retrofitted. The changes require technicians to follow the Environmental Code of Practice for the Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions from Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems for leak test procedures.
Also, technicians holding ODP (ozone depletion prevention)cards who took the test prior to June 30, 2001 must write a recertification exam. Recertification will be phased in over three years, and new cards will expire three years from the exam date.
Technicians who hold ODP cards are required to keep records of refrigerant use. These records must contain:
–All amounts and types of refrigerant purchased or obtained for the purpose of servicing or testing equipment;
–The amount of and explanation for any discharge of a refrigerant, whether or not it occurs in the course of servicing or testing equipment;
–The date of any work done servicing or testing equipment, the name of the company doing the work and the name of the individual doing the work;
–And a description of the work done, the amount and type of refrigerant used in the work, the type of refrigerant recaptured in the course of the work and an estimate of the amount of refrigerant recaptured in the course of the work.
–These records would be kept by each technician for a minimum of two years and must be made available to environment ministry staff upon request.
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