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News   July 9, 2003   by Auto Service World

New Fluid Service Machine Kits Launched

MotorVac Technologies Inc. has announced the addition of two new service kits to supplement its TransTech and CoolantClean equipment. Each service kit consists of a 2-step process that was designed to be used with MotorVac machines and enhance the fluid exchange service.
The solutions utilize proprietary technology similar to MotorVac’s CarbonClean MV3 and MV4 products and are specially formulated to combine various elements that will perform a safe and effective maintenance process.
The TransTech 2-Step Service Kit (TT2K) contains a cleaner solution that suspends and flushes varnish, sludge and other contaminants from the transmission system components and a conditioner solution to keep the seals pliable and reduce fluid oxidation. The resulting benefits include quieter and smoother shifting, less possibility of leakage, and the avoidance of heat related breakdowns. When used together during the ATF exchange process, these solutions will extend transmission life.
The CoolantClean 2-Step Service Kit (CC2K) contains a radiator flush solution that removes rust, scale and other contaminants and a water pump lubricant and rust preventative to inhibit corrosion and help prevent deposits that can cause clogging and over heating. The resulting benefits include greater system efficiency and prevention of future deterioration. When used together during a coolant exchange process, these solutions will extend the life of the radiator and enhance the performance of the engine’s cooling system.
These solutions are non-hazardous and do not contain methanol, isopropanol, hexanol, butanol, ethanol or other corrosive materials, so they will not damage engine components and can be used safely and with confidence.
Each 2-Step Service Kit contains two 8-ounce bottles of solutions shrink-wrapped together and packaged with six kits per case. A starter kit of these solutions is now being shipped with each TransTech or CoolantClean System purchased and the Service Kits are available through all MotorVac distributors.

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