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News   March 3, 2008   by Auto Service World

New Efficiency Solution Released

Efficient-V, Inc. announced today its new technology, called Efficient-V, for increasing the fuel efficiency of engines.
The company, which has been quietly performing research, design, and development of its Efficient-V product, today announced that its patents are now pending internationally, and that further information on the new technology for improving fuel efficiency is now available.
According to the company, efficient-V is a breakthrough in power transmission – the basic mechanism which “translates” the reciprocation of pistons to rotation – which until now has been the core inefficiency inherent in piston engines.
Fuel energy is more efficiently harnessed to provide useful work through improved reciprocation dynamics, and the “mechanical advantage” provided in Efficient-V geometry. Smooth harmonious, low friction operation is provided in a robust, compact, lightweight package.
The company says their product boosts efficiency by changing the geometry of certain components inside an engine, eliminating and simplifying some parts.
The improved, patent pending technology results in increased leverage, increasing torque, and reduced friction, improving efficiency.
Most attempts to increase fuel efficiency focus on ancillary technologies such as refinements in the fuel injection, ignition, or valve timing. Hybrid battery electric motor drive systems are also examples of ancillary technologies. Efficient-V improves the internal mechanical efficiency of the engine through a simple power transmission mechanism, while enhancing effectiveness of existing ancillary technologies.
Efficient-V technology provides easy integration of Original Equipment Manufacturers existing advances in ancillary technologies such as fuel injection, ignition, cylinder heads, and hybrid drive systems for a substantial overall improvement in efficiency.
Efficient-V provides significant benefits to gas, diesel, biofuel, and hybrid engine technologies.
The company says they will be working with automotive, motorcycle, and small engine manufacturers through its Technology Transfer program to enhance the commercialization and adoption of its revolutionary, patent-pending Efficient- V technology.