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News   July 18, 2006   by Auto Service World

New Aftermarket Partnership

DealerTrack Aftermarket Services Inc. today announced that Universal Warranty Corporation (UWC) has agreed to join the DealerTrack Aftermarket Network (TM), the industry’s first independent provider of real-time aftermarket contract rating, quote generation and digital contracting for aftermarket providers.
UWC, a provider of vehicle service contracts and other F&I products, will join ten other participating aftermarket providers signed to the network, including Armored Tire, Charter Warranty, Life of the South, LoJack, Old Republic Insured Automotive Services Inc., Phoenix American/Wynn’s Extended Care, Protective’s Asset Protection Division, Ultimate Warranty, and Warrantech.
The DealerTrack Aftermarket Network provides real-time information on connected aftermarket vendors’ products and services, at no charge to dealers.
DealerTrack’s online rating and contract functionality creates a faster process, improves accuracy, and eliminates duplicate data entry for both dealers and aftermarket providers. The network recently launched with Ultimate Warranty as the first live aftermarket provider accessible to its dealer customers through DealerTrack. Other providers are in the pilot phase.
“We are very pleased to welcome Universal Warranty Corporation to the DealerTrack Aftermarket Network,” said David Trinder, president of DealerTrack Aftermarket Services, Inc.
“The DealerTrack Aftermarket Network will provide dealers with updated live information on available options for each vehicle and deal.
It will also include all categories of aftermarket products. From UWC’s perspective, joining the Network should help increase its market penetration and boost customer satisfaction, while reducing contract errors and administrative costs.”
“We are excited about gaining access to such a wide-ranging group of dealers through the DealerTrack Aftermarket Network,” said Jeff Moon, president of Universal Warranty Corp.
“Streamlining the process so that dealers can price and sell our products more efficiently is just another way we are demonstrating UWC’s commitment to serving our customers.”
DealerTrack Aftermarket Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings, Inc., a provider of on-demand software and data solutions for the automotive retail industry in the United States.
DealerTrack utilizes the internet to link over 21,000 dealers with more than 225 financing sources and other service and information providers.
DealerTrack Aftermarket Services is a leading provider of aftermarket product sales and administration solutions.
DealerTrack eMenu and the DealerTrack Aftermarket Network streamline the process of pricing, presenting and contracting aftermarket products for automotive retailers.
Universal Warranty Corporation, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is an administrator and marketer of vehicle service contracts and other F&I products throughout North America.

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