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News   July 18, 2011   by Auto Service World

NASCAR Moves to Fuel Injection, Bosch First Approved Supplier

There are many who doubted that NASCAR would ever leave the “dark ages” of the carburetor behind in favour of fuel injection, but the venerable American racing body will put fuel injection under the hood of its cars in 2012.
And many of those engines will have Bosch fuel injectors, recently announced as the first approved fuel injectors.
Bosch will supply special-for-NASCAR EV14 performance injectors, which provide super-fast response, a high dynamic flow rate and excellent hot fuel performance with very little vapor formation.
NASCAR will begin using fuel injection with the 2012 Daytona 500, when all Sprint Cup engines will be fuel injected. Several NASCAR teams have been testing fuel injected engines on-track to see how the new systems operate with their engines in actual race track conditions.
“Fuel injection is a logical progression for NASCAR, and Bosch fuel injectors are the recognized standard throughout the racing world. NASCAR race cars go through many different operating conditions at every race, and fuel injectors give the engine builders greater flexibility in setting up their engines for each track,” said Wolfgang Hustedt, Bosch motorsports manager, North America. “This change will give NASCAR drivers greater control over their vehicle performance, as well as control of fuel consumption, Bosch is extremely proud to the first fuel injector chosen by NASCAR to launch the fuel injector era in this exciting racing series.”
Bosch currently also provides spark plugs, alternators and starters for many NASCAR engine builders, as well as spark plugs, oxygen sensors, alternators and starters for various motorsports activities, including the Indy 500, GrandAm and American LeMans (ALMS) racing, drag racing, and off-shore boat racing.
Fuel injection has been standard in passenger cars and most other forms of automotive racing for years, while NASCAR has continued to rely on carburetors in all of its series. 

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