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News   April 16, 2003   by Auto Service World

NARSA-MACS Merger Talks End Without Agreement

The National Automotive Radiator Service Association (NARSA) has announced that ongoing consolidation discussions between it and the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) have concluded without an agreement. In a related statement to the industry, Daryl Bippert, NARSA National President characterized an announcement made by MACS to the media on April 10th which placed blame for the breakdown in talks solely on NARSA as, "an unfortunate development."
Beginning informally over a year ago, and then more formally since October of 2002, the National Automotive Radiator Service Association and the Mobile Air Conditioning Society had been in extensive discussions with the goal of consolidating into one unified organization. By bringing together the unique expertise and assets of each organization into one unified group, it was believed that the individuals and organizations that comprise the broad landscape of what is referred to as the "engine cooling and mobile A/C system industry" could be better served. Unfortunately, the two organizations could not come to an agreement on terms necessary to make this consolidation a reality, and discussions toward this end have concluded.
Bippert commented, "In any merger or consolidation process, there are always going to be a number of significant issues that need to be negotiated and resolved to the satisfaction of both parties in order to move forward. While a majority of the issues between NARSA and MACS were resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, there were some areas in which no resolution could be reached. This is not unusual in these types of discussions. Every day in boardrooms all across the globe when parties commence merger discussions there are some that will come to fruition, and others that will not."
NARSA made every good faith effort to try and find mutually acceptable terms in order to make this consolidation with MACS a reality. For close to 50 years NARSA has served its membership well and the organization’s leaders clearly understood the significance of their willingness to sacrifice certain aspects of this esteemed history in order to advance the profession. But the NARSA leadership demonstrated great flexibility and determination by being willing to do so for the betterment of the organization’s membership as well as the entire industry. Despite this fact, unfortunately the two trade associations could not reach terms that were mutually acceptable for this consolidation to occur.
In a statement to NARSA’s manufacturing members, Bippert expressed surprise and disappointment that MACS issued a press release on April 10, 2003 that contained a headline and content that implied that NARSA was responsible for the failure of these merger discussions. "This is blatantly untrue," said Daryl Bippert. "It is unfortunate that MACS is pointing the finger of blame at NARSA because such accusation can lead those in our industry to incorrectly hold NARSA responsible for the failure of these talks. For those of us on both negotiating teams who worked for many months to try and make this merger a reality, it is an affront to our hard work and dedication."
Despite the setback, "We are thankful for the efforts of all of those individuals from both organizations for their efforts in attempting to make this merger a reality," said Bippert. "While we are very disappointed with MACS’ press release statement, we will continue to look forward to serving our membership the best way possible. Perhaps some day in the future, this will involve reexamining these merger discussions."
NARSA, based in East Greenville, PA is a worldwide, non-profit trade association providing educational, technical, safety, and marketing programs for more than 20,000 individuals employed in the engine cooling and heat transfer industry.

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