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Multi-Refrigerant Leak Detector

Cliplight Mfg Co. has introduced a new refrigerant leak detector that detects CFC-, HCFC-, and HFC-type refrigerants.
The leak detector features a sensor with a digital display that is independent from the audio alarm and sensitivity level, allowing the precise pinpointing of the leak source.
The model #580951 has been certified to comply with the SAE International Standard J2791. The new SAE Standard was published in September of 2008 and it was created in response to a need to reduce refrigerant HFC 134a emissions and to establish minimum performance criteria for an improved class of electronic hand held probe-type refrigerant leak detectors capable of finding very small to moderate leaks.
Specification include:
–Sensitivity: .05 oz/yr R-134a
–Sensor Life > 3000 hours
–Response Time: Instantaneous
–Battery Life: 8 hours continuous
–Warm up time < 20 seconds
This new heated sensor refrigerant leak detector, was also certified by a qualified independent test laboratory to comply with European Standard EN 14624. The purpose of the Standard is to qualify the performance of leak detectors of CFC, HCFC, HFC, and PFC refrigerant gas.
CLIPLIGHT is also offering this product in two different kits.
The 58095187KIT includes Pro-Compact A/C dye injector and 87DC UV LED light.
The 58095181KIT includes the new 81DC powerful slim-line Blue light
For more information, please contact or Dennis Sullivan at 800.526.7096.

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