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News   August 11, 2015   by Auto Service World

Mueller-Kueps Introduces The Press and Pull Sleeve Combination Kit

#aftermarket – In celebration of their 5th Anniversary in the USA, Mueller-Kueps combined 2 of their most popular items into one kit; The #1 Press and Pull Sleeve Kit and the XL C-Clamp, Part Number: 609 400/460.

The Press and Pull Kit is designed for extracting and mounting almost any type of bearing including silent bearings, hydraulic bearings, ball bearings, rubber bearings, shaft seals, bearing bushings, etc.

Due to its versatility it can be used on most cars, making individual tools for specific bearings or cars obsolete. Many applications can be done directly on the car. Having one tool that does it all in one kit saves the user time and money.

The Kit consists of 37 pieces including 4 step discs, 20 sleeves, 4 spindles, 8 nuts, and a XL impact C-clamp, all in a convenient, high visibility storage case.

The 4 different sized step discs contain a numbering system (each labeled 1-4) that match the bottom numbers of the inner sleeves accordingly (1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4). Each disc has its specifically designated holding place in the case to keep them tight and organized.

The 20 inner sleeves allow the user to alter or cut into the sleeves if necessary, hence adjusting the sleeve to fit onto a specific bearing. The sleeves’ inner diameter ranges from 34 – 72mm. Each sleeve is recessed on one inner side to not only make them perfectly fit on the step discs, but also stackable – giving the user endless application options.

A separate bearing between the nut and the flange also further reduces friction of up to 35% when pressure is applied.

The XL C-Clamp with the “Vibro Spindle” allows the user to safely use impact tools, making their job quick and easy. Made of drop forged metal, the C-Clamp can withstand up to 12 TONS of impact force. It comes with an extra hardened tread adaptor to make sure all the force is going straight into the application and not into the c-clamp.  Discs can be attached onto the C-clamp to reduce hand labor. It also makes it easier to work directly on the car. The included Vibro Spindles allows the use of an impact gun.

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