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News   July 4, 2013   by Auto Service World

MSD’s Atomic TBI Fuel Injection Supports Nitrous And Boost

The Atomic TBI (and the new LS systems) can operate with power adders. Setting up the Atomic for use with your favorite power adder is designed to be as simple as the initial programming. For nitrous fans, a wet system (one that supplies its own fuel to compensate for nitrous) must be incorporated. From the Atomic handheld monitor you’ll be able to program a target air/fuel ratio that will be used when the nitrous is activated. There is also a timing setting that will retard the timing during nitrous activation as well.

For boosted applications, whether it be a blow through or draw through, the menu settings are similar. The throttle body incorporates a 2-bar MAP sensor and can manage up to 14-psi of boost. There is value for a target air/fuel ratio during boost on the handheld monitor as well as a timing retard that is based off timing per pound of boost.

An important aspect of using power adders with the Atomic TBI is to consider the fuel system as well as overall power levels. The injectors of the throttle body can support approximately 625 horsepower on naturally aspirated applications when used with the high horsepower fuel pump. Due to the increased fuel requirement on boosted applications the maximum horse power that the TBI is capable of supporting can be 20-30% less. 

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