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News   May 28, 2002   by Auto Service World

Motorcycle Tire Safety Gets a Boost

As worrisome as getting a flat may be for car drivers, a flat tire on a motorcycle can be double-trouble, and a rapid blowout will almost surely end in a crash.
Now a tire monitoring technology could help alleviate some of these issues.
SmarTire Systems Inc., based in British Columbia, is showcasing a tire monitoring system for motorcycles at Reifen 2002 this week in Essen, Germany. . The company already produces systems for cars. The new motorcycle tire system, demonstrated on a BMW 1150R with Pirelli tires, was unveiled by SmarTire’s president and chief executive officer, Robert Rudman.
Reifen International, held every two years, is the largest European tire exhibition and is the recognized meeting place for tire experts. This year’s show, Reifen 2002, features approximately 380 exhibitors from 38 countries and attendees from over 80 countries. SmarTire is exhibiting in partnership with its German distributor, Seehase Autostyling GmbH.
“There is a great demand in the motorcycle industry for safety-focused products and SmarTire is achieving another corporate milestone by offering the first tire monitoring solution to this marketplace,” said Rudman. “This technically advanced product will be marketed in Europe and North America in both aftermarket and original equipment applications. The addition of this motorcycle system to our line of products demonstrates our ability to offer reliable, accurate solutions to a diverse range of customers. SmarTire is committed to developing leading edge technology that will continue to improve driver safety and decrease tire-related accidents and deaths.”
With this innovative motorcycle safety system, each tire is equipped with a lightweight SmarTire sensor that constantly monitors tire pressure and temperature. The sensors transmit signals to a concealed receiver connected to an ultra-bright LED display in easy view of the rider. If there is a change in tire pressure, the rider will immediately be alerted by a warning light on the display. If tire pressure continues to decrease, the light will begin to flash, indicating that the pressure loss is at a serious level and the rider should take corrective measures. By identifying problems early, riders can take precautions to avoid accidents and the risk of being stranded on the roadside. The system can be fitted to all standard motorcycles and is scheduled for commercial release by the end of 2002.

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