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Motivate Marketing Executives with Interesting Work, says Survey

Above all, interesting work is what motivates marketing executives.
In a survey commissions by The Creative Group and conducted by an independent researcher, 43% look for interesting work, with only seven percent listing job security as what they are thankful for.
The Creative Group, a staffing service providing marketing, advertising and web professionals on a project basis, developed the survey. It includes 250 responses- 125 from advertising executives among the United State’s 1,000 largest advertising agencies and 125 from senior marketing executives among the country’s 1,000 largest companies.
"It’s important for people to find their work engaging and meaningful, particularly within the creative field," says Tracey Turner, executive director of The Creative group.
Turner feels that managers in any field can benefit from providing staff members with a variety of challenging assignments.
"Giving employees opportunities that enable them to develop professionally can improve morale and productivity at little cost to the company," says Turner.
She feels the following suggestions help managers keep work interesting.
Have employees work with new people by forming an inter-departmental project team to develop ideas for overcoming company challenges. Try to find out which types of assignments staff members prefer. What some workers find invigorating, another may find boring. Develop new approaches to routine tasks by finding creative ways to accomplish objectives more efficiently. Encourage employees to attend industry conferences and events, which can build enthusiasm and generate new ideas. The people that attended can then share the ideas with the team. Point out how the work your company does can positively affect the community.
"Businesses often gain an advantage as workers acquire new skills on the job," says Turner.
The question in the survey was, "Which of the following are you most thankful for in your current position?"
The results are, 43% said interesting work, 17% said opportunities for growth, 14% said supportive coworkers, 13% said strong company management, 7% said job security and 6% didn’t know.

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