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News   June 22, 2007   by Auto Service World

McGuinty Announces New Green Fund

A new $650-million fund announced yesterday will, according to Premier Dalton McGuinty, secure the next generation of high-paying jobs for Ontarians, by developing clean and green technologies and businesses in Ontario.
“There’s a huge opportunity out there and Ontario is determined to seize it for our people and our economy,” McGuinty said.
“With the world looking for innovative ways to conserve energy and fight global warming, some place is going to secure thousands of jobs by researching and developing new solutions, and we want that place to be Ontario.”
Premier McGuinty unveiled the Next Generation Jobs Fund, which will make $650 million available to companies looking to invest in the development of clean cars, clean fuels, and clean technologies and products in Ontario.
The fund will be modeled after the $500 million Ontario Automotive Strategy which has helped to leverage more than $7 billion in total new auto investments in the province over the past four years.
“What’s good for business must also be good for the environment,” said Bill White, President of DuPont Canada.
“DuPont’s Research and Development Centre demonstrates how businesses offer quality jobs in the development of new green technology – such as biofuels and polymers made with corn and other renewable resources – that lead to quality jobs with our Canadian and global manufacturing customers.”
“We see the government’s challenge of developing even more leading-edge, efficient and low emission vehicles as a great opportunity for our industry,” said Arturo Elias, President of GM Canada.
“This is the kind of positive partnership that can accelerate green vehicle technologies while also helping to ensure we remain at the forefront of competitive jurisdictions to invest, employ and grow for the future.”
“We have industries that are among the most productive and innovative in the world, scientists who are among the best and brightest and workers who have the best skills and knowledge on the continent,” added McGuinty.

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