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Feature   July 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

MARKET FEATURE: Cabin Air Filters Business Nothing To Sneeze At

There is little question that cabin air filters, which provide clean, filtered air to the passenger compartment, will be a significant market in the future even though volumes today are small. Here are some tips to prepare:

–Volumes are severely curtailed due to a lack of awareness by both technicians and consumers. Ask for point of sale materials from suppliers to help build both.

–Check your catalogs for applications that require a cabin air filter. While they may be noted separately, they may only be indicated in the application listings with the other filters. Instruct your counterpeople to ask about cabin air filter orders when a request comes in for any of those applications.

–It may be wise to supply your staff and your customers with a one-page reference of these applications.

–Don’t forget about off-road and agricultural applications. These users are among the few who actually know that the vehicle has one (or more) and they don’t come cheap.

–Don’t stop reminding your customers. Keep the point of sale materials up to date, keep reminding your staff; keep talking about the category. If you want to key it to a specific time of the year, pick an allergy season (spring or late summer). Cabin air filters are nothing to sneeze at.