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News   February 10, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

Mahle Service Solutions to Showcase New “SMART A/C” Technology At MACS 2016 In Orlando


Located at MACS booth #317, the Mahle Service Solutions display highlights much of the company’s equipment offering, including many new and different models with updated features and benefits to users.  The ArcticPRO ACX1185 A/C service machine for vehicles that use R134a refrigerant and the ArcticPRO ACX1285 machine for vehicles using the new R1234YF refrigerant – the heart of the SMART A/C line – will feature prominently in the exhibit.

The ArcticPROACX1185 and ACX1285 are the first A/C service equipment fully-integrated with TechPRO automotive diagnostic system, providing A/C diagnostics and HVAC system testing seamlessly integrated into the service process. Technicians can automatically ID a vehicle (via a vehicle communication interface (VCI) VIN decode) and DTC read in seconds to easily access vehicle data, training information and software updates wirelessly with the Bluetooth-enabled VCI. Controlled by a large, 7-inch LCD touch screen, the SMART A/C units can generate customizable reports to show vacuum graphing and the leak rate as it happens. Both machines have remote service capabilities and have the option to expand to an external display.

TechPRO was engineered so technicians have a faster and easier way to diagnose and repair a vehicle and it can be used with a technician’s current Windows-based desktop computer, laptop or tablet, making it unnecessary to buy or lease extra hardware. Beginning this month, the TechPRO diagnostic scan tool can be purchased exclusively through NAPA.

Also at MACS 2016, Mahle Service Solutions will feature the ArcticPRO ACX1180C for refrigerant 134a. The 1180C is the OEM heavy duty commercial version of the company’s popular ACX1180. The ACX1180C features an integrated printer, three temperature sensors, four pressure sensors, a micron sensor and is hybrid-certified providing greater system diagnostic capabilities. Loaded with a 50-lb internal cylinder and factory-installed heater belt, the ACX1180C produces faster service times and higher service accuracy for OEM-style A/C servicing.

Mahle Service Solutions is a silver sponsor of MACS 2016, scheduled for Feb. 11-13 at the Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando, Florida, and a sponsor of the Feb.10 annual golf tournament.