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News   November 8, 2013   by Auto Service World

Mahle Clevite Adds Thermostats, Other Components

Mahle Clevite Inc. has expanded its North American product offering to include Behr thermostats and other components for temperature regulation as a result of the progressing acquisition by Mahle of Behr. The extensive range of thermostats, switches and sensors for the automotive aftermarket will be introduced under both the Mahle Original and Behr brands at this year’s AAPEX Show and on display at the Mahle Clevite Inc. booth No. 3461.

The acquisition of the majority share in Behr and herewith also the company Behr Thermo-tronic, a leading manufacturer of thermostats and temperature regulation systems for automotive and industrial applications, provides the Mahle Group with the resources to offer a full line of thermostat products to the automotive aftermarket.

“Resulting from the acquisition, Mahle Original and Behr thermostat products incorporate the development and production expertise of the Behr Group combined with the power of the Mahle brand,” says Jon Douglas, general manager, Mahle Aftermarket North America.

Mahle technical experts indicate that while thermostats are designed to last for the entire service life of a vehicle and are not naturally subject to wear, a number of factors can lead to material fatigue and require replacement. Whether due to an accident or as part of repair or maintenance work done to the cooling system, thermostats should be replaced to ensure continued functionality. The slightest reduction of functionality can cause severe consequences since the thermostat is needed to regulate the engine temperature with coolant.

For more information about Mahle Clevite Inc. and its North American Aftermarket activities, visit, or contact your local sales representative.

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