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News   October 24, 2012   by Auto Service World

MACS to Release Modern Automotive HVAC: Electrical and Electronic Systems Textbook

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide has authored a new textbook, Modern Automotive HVAC: Electrical and Electronic Systems. This new textbook is a continuation of MACS flagship textbook

Modern Automotive HVAC Systems released in 2011.

“The purpose of Modern Automotive HVAC: Electrical and Electronic Systems is to educate the reader about the importance of the electrical system in relation to the HVAC system,” explained Elvis L. Hoffpauir, MACS president and COO and Mr. Hoffpauir further detailed, “Often a technician will install refrigeration-related components, only to find that the compressor clutch will not engage or the cooling fans will not operate. Another scenario could be that the A/C system has a full refrigerant charge but the compressor clutch will not engage, or the A/C control panel will not change

blower speeds or distribute air from the proper duct. This book will cover the fundamentals of electricity, required test equipment and test procedures. It will also address the electronics utilized in HVAC systems, including the inputs from the powertrain electronics that affect A/C operation. With the increased use of electrical and electronic controls and sensors, it is important that all persons involved with vehicle repair have at least a working knowledge of electricity and electronics.”

Modern Automotive HVAC: Electrical and Electronic Systems, covers the following topics: Safety and precautions, electrical basics, the multi meter and circuit designs, wiring diagrams and service information, introduction to electronics and system controls, electrical/electronic troubleshooting and diagnosis, HVAC control systems, blower motors and cabin air filters, and air delivery systems.

MACS new textbook will be ready for sale at MACS 2013 Training Event and Trade Show, February 7-9, 2013 at the Caribe Royale Hotel and Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The MACS member price is $39.95 plus shipping and non-members pay $69.95 plus shipping.

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