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News   September 1, 2011   by Auto Service World

Lord Fusor Introduces Economical Cartridge For Plastic Finishing Adhesive

Lord Corporation’s Fusor Plastic Finishing Adhesive designed for cosmetic repairs on all types of plastics is now available in the standard Fusor 300 ml side by side cartridge.
Fusor 114LG Plastic Finishing Adhesive is the same proven formula as Fusor 114. The standard Fusor 300 ml side by side cartridge provides twice the amount of adhesive for a 26% savings.
To promote this new product introduction, participating Lord Fusor jobbers are offering a free tube of Fusor 114LG when two are purchased, which is an additonal cost savings of 33%.
The promotional offer is valid in the U.S. and Canada from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31.
Fusor 114LG is a two-part epoxy adhesive designed for making permanent and undetectable cosmetic repairs on all automotive plastics without the need to identify the plastic or use an adhesion promoter. As a result, this formulation from Lord Fusor reduces the need for stocking multiple products and reduces the steps necessary to repair plastics. From TPO bumper covers to SMC body panels, Fusor 114LG provides a proven solution to one of the more common repairs in the shop.
In addition, the new packaging allows the technician to apply the adhesive with or without a mixing tip. This flexibility allows the shop to use a mixing tip when extra work time is desired or saves on tip costs when they are not needed. In most situations, a mixing tip can add as much as 30 seconds to the work time for larger repair applications or when working in hot shop conditions. With a fast cure time of 20 minutes or less, Fusor 114LG allows the shop to complete the job faster with no comebacks, producing a perfect feather edge every time. Fusor 114LG’s proven formula combines the ideal adhesive chemistry for a strong repair with the right flexibility so the repair last for the life of the vehicle while sanding easily with no swelling or read-through.
According to Carl Lechner, automotive market manager at Lord Corporation, Fusor 114LG provides a fast an efficient solution for all types of plastic repairs. “With the new packaging of Fusor 114LG, our customers can now benefit from the cost savings of the LG cartridge with the option of using a mixing tip when desired. This new cartridge fits into the standard Fusor applicator gun, and the extra work time the mixing tip provides allow for easier repairs in hot shop conditions. In addition, the proven formula of our Plastic Finishing Adhesive eliminates the need for any adhesion promoters and there is never a need to identify the type of plastic being repaired,” said Lechner.
The new Fusor 114LG is also covered under the Fusor lifetime money back guarantee. For additional information, contact your Fusor jobber, visit or call 1-877-ASK-Lord (275-5673).

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